Flower Paintings Australia

Australian Flower Paintings / Floral Art by Moyra Le Blanc Smith

Waterlilies are such exquisitely beautiful flowers and when the sun shines on them, casting  shadows on the petals, the shapes become even more interesting. This painting won a Highly Commended award at the Edrington Art Show. It is currently available for sale. Please email or phone me if interested.

Flower Paintings Australia

I mainly work with oil paints, to create vibrant flower paintings from my own garden or Australian botanic gardens. Painting en plein air (outdoors) allows me to really capture the strong colours of flowers and foliage in my floral art in a way that cannot be seen whilst painting from photographs. Sometimes, however, photographs are taken with transient light effects on the flowers using the knowledge of the limitations of photographs. I have a fascination with the abstract shapes of common garden flowers and love to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Also of interest, is unique and innovative ways to display and hang the unusual compositions rather than traditional frames.

 ‘Big Pink Waterlily’ Moyra Le Blanc Smith

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