How to Buy A Quality Art Work Without The High Price Tag?

Purchasing Quality Original Artworks

How is it possible to buy quality original artworks without the high price tags found in art galleries and at art shows?

This is a question that many people ask and there is a very simple answer.

The Problem

Have you ever visited an art show or art gallery and stood in front of a gorgeous art work? You look at the scene and wish there was a way of having a lovely piece of art to hang in your home. It would look so much nicer than that cheap poster/print you bought when you were a student.

Many a would-be art buyer has faced just this dilemma. They look at the price tag and wonder why  the price is so high. The cost of producing original art works is something that perhaps most people wouldn’t really have an insight into.

Prices Explained

The concept for the artwork starts with the gem of an idea perhaps sparked by a beautiful scene, an exquisite blossom, an interesting face, or perhaps just a lovely combination of colours and shapes.

The next step is for the artist to decide on how to turn that idea into a beautiful artwork. Photography and sketches may help to gel the idea into something more tangible. Art materials include sketch books and pencils, paints, canvas/boards, brushes, mediums, palette knives and many other necessary items. When the artwork is completed after many happy creative hours the framer will be consulted.

Art shows exist to raise money for charities. Art galleries, likewise are in the business of making money and they both provide venues and manpower to run the show or business.

The Answer

Luckily there is an answer to the dilemma. Purchasing an artwork directly from the artist has never been easier with the internet as a tool. This means that costs to the buyer are greatly reduced.

To view and purchase an original oil painting by Moyra Le Blanc Smith click here:-

Rawnsley Bluff from Lookout

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