How can you be sure that you are purchasing quality artwork when purchasing on line? Written by Moyra Le Blanc Smith

How can you be sure that you are purchasing quality artwork when purchasing on line? Written by Moyra Le Blanc Smith

The trend towards on-line shopping for many and varied items from destinations world wide has soared in the last few years. The purchase of artworks on-line has increased along with this trend.

I can provide some helpful hints on the best way to choose quality artwork from an on-line site when the actual painting cannot be viewed. The following hints should help with the decision making.

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Tips for purchasing an original painting on-line.

Finding a painting you like is the first step.

If you have a favourite artist then go directly to their website (if they have one).

You can also find the artist on Facebook or Pinterest.

Alternatively go to a well known, reputable gallery website such as Gallery 247.

Search by artist or subject for the genre that you would like. When you find one that looks good, there are a number of checks to do.

If there is a zoom or magnify function on the website then look closely at the brushstrokes. This is a good way to see if the artist uses confident brush strokes.

Be sure to look closely at what surface the painting is on e.g. acid free watercolour paper, canvas, linen or primed boards. This shows the textures but will also give an idea of the longevity of the artwork.

Also check the size of the painting and make sure that it’s the size you want for the place you intend to hang it.

Check too whether the price includes a frame, if it’s on stretched canvas and ready-to hang or whether you will need to frame it. Choosing your own custom frame can be fun but will add substantially to the overall cost.

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The Artist

If everything still looks good then find out what you can about the artist.

Reading the artist’s bio or statement will give an idea of the experience, method of working and their goals for the future.

Look at whether the artist has had many sales.

If the site has a section for feedback then this is a good indication of customer satisfaction.

If there is an e-mail address for the artist then why not contact them with any questions. If there is good communication then any problems with the sale should easily resolved.

Check if the artist has work in a Gallery or Art Show that you can visit to look at the style and quality of their work.

In general the prices of artworks purchased directly from the artist will be lower as there are lower commission fees to be paid.

Making the Purchase

Before going ahead with the purchase there are a few more checks to do.

Check out the returns policy of the artist or gallery/website. This is an important step as sometimes the actual artwork may not be as imagined. (In my experience, most buyers are delighted and tell me that the actual painting is far nicer than they expected)

If Pay Pal is used then there is buyer protection so that a refund can be obtained if all else fails.

Gallery 247 waits for 7 days to ensure that the painting arrives safely and the customer is happy before concluding the sale.

Make sure to include the cost of postage to the overall cost.

Providing that care is taken with these considerations, purchasing an original artwork on-line can be a very satisfying and cost effective experience.

Gallery 247 is a website that maintains the National Registry of Australian Art and Artists.

Each artwork purchased comes with an official NRAAA Artwork Certificate and Registration Number.

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Happy Shopping!

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