What have honey bees got to do with enthusiasm or NaturalArt?

What have honey bees got to do with enthusiasm or NaturalArt?

Have you ever noticed how interesting it is to listen to and watch someone talking enthusiastically about their favourite subject?

Even if you know nothing about their chosen subject or are indeed not even slightly interested in it, you find that you are fascinated to watch them. Maybe you even find yourself becoming interested and asking questions to find out more.

People are very attracted to enthusiasm much like bees are attracted to honey, irresistible.It’s also infectious.

Enthusiasm and excitement will generate enthusiasm in the viewers. It seems that we just can’t help ourselves being caught up in it all. It’s the way many advertisements work.

I have been told that my never ending passion for my art and anything arty in general is very infectious and inspiring to others. Some people don’t acknowledge the influence of my ramblings on them but later on, I hear them using my exact words in their sentences and I know that my enthusiasm has rubbed off.

Sometimes art which is very different from our own can inspire creativity and encourage us to break out and try new things that haven’t been tried before.

Such is the case with my wonderfully creative Aunty Mary. Our art is different but we have inspired each other in surprising ways.

28 Marys Moments Red Size

This painting, ‘Marys Moments’ has been inspired by my Aunty’s creative approach to her art and named after her. I took the canvas out into the garden next to the Nerine Lilies and squeezed, squirted, brushed, slapped and scribbled the paint onto the canvas. What fun I had and I’m very happy with the result.

This painting will be shown at the Pyrenees Art Show in Beaufort over the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend in June 2014.

So next time you see someone waving their hands and talking enthusiasically just think of the honey bees and of where that inspiration might take you.