NaturalArt and the Palette Knife

New NaturalArt paintings are being created with greater use of the palette knife for the application of paint.

The method gives me more freedom to apply paint in a looser style. It is a very enjoyable way to paint as it allows the full the tactile, buttery feel of the oil paint. This is a characteristic of oil paint that I love. The paint is able to be manipulated directly onto the painting surface.

Here are some recent paintings using palette knife application.

This one is “Barwon River- Autumn Colors” a view taken from a kayak in the Barwon River in Geelong.

This one is “Yarra River at Warrandyte” a view taken whilst I was walking along the river track.


This painting is part of a triptych of tree ferns from the Otway National Park near the Great Ocean Road. It was great fun to do.