News from Moyra Le Blanc Smith – NaturalArt.

News from Moyra Le Blanc Smith – NaturalArt
88 Moonahs - Pt Roadknight red size

‘Through the Moonahs- Point Roadknight’

What a busy and exciting time it is at the moment for NaturalArt.
Let’s see, where do I begin?

On the easel at the moment is the last of a seascape series that I have been working on for quite a few weeks. I loved the dynamic compositions and went from one to another really enjoying playing with the colours and brushstrokes. The one above is the path to the beach under the Moonah trees at Point Roadknight. A scene that will be familiar to beachgoers in the Anglesea area and Surf Coast.

I have also been experimenting with a new type of canvas which I really like because it has quite a smooth texture and shows the brush strokes nicely. It also has just the right amount of absorbency for oil paint.

As always, plein air painting continues to play a part in my life albeit fairly challenging in the depths of winter. I have resumed painting outdoors with the Geelong Art Society and we had a few weeks painting on the old ford at Batesford. The lovely old buestone bridge made a great subject and as is often the case with outdoor painting, the view behind me was just as nice as the view ahead. We even had some sunshine although it was, naturally, cold. (See picture below) This week we visited Serendip Sanctuary which has a big wetland area and lots of birds. There will be more paintings here over the next few weeks.

Also, for the month of September, I have decided to paint a plein air painting every day as I did in April. I loved this so much and learned so much that I can’t wait to do it again. Hopefully there will be better weather although Spring is known for being windy… I also hope to be better at posting up the paintings as I go along on Facebook. I will be joining Leslie Saeta a Californian artist who is (along with 1000 or so other artists) holding a 30 in 30 event in September. More details on this later….

NaturalArt will be out and about and on show a lot in the next few months with art shows and events coming up.
Here’s a brief list in case anyone is keen to see some paintings in person.

This weekend 15th and 16th August I will be participating in the Surf Coast Art Trail so why not come along and see me paint, have a chat and look at some paintings. More info here Surf Coast Art Trail

I will be participating in the August Collections Exhibition at Tussock Upstairs Gallery – Point Lonsdale from 19th August to 6th September. More info here tussock upstairs gallery

Artis Gallery – Geelong will be holding a Flower Exhibition from 9 – 30 October which should be a lot of fun. This is the first time I will have exhibited at this gallery More info here artIS…geelong

Art Shows:
Bayside – Sandringham Yacht Club 19 – 23 August. More info here the bayside art show
AGRA Spring Exhibition AGRA Galleries 16 – 27 Septmber. More info here AGRA Galleries
Great Art Show – Berwick. 18, 19, 20 September More info here artshowsofoz
Angair Wildflower Show Anglesea 19 – 20 September. More info here
Hobsons Bay Art Show 26 – 27 September More info here hobsonsbayartshow
Hamilton North Art Show 8 – 11 October. More info here
Geelong College Art Show 9 – 10 October. More info here Carnival Art Show Geelong College geelong college community 2015 carnival-art-show
Birregurra 10th and 11 October. More info here birregurra art show
Ocean Grove Art Show 31 October – 1 November More info here
Portland Art Show 30 October to 1 November. More info at

Whew! – that should keep me busy for a while.

87 Batesford Bridge PA red size‘Old Bridge at Batesford’ Plein Air