5 Reasons to buy an Original Oil Painting from NaturalArt by Moyra Le Blanc Smith

03 Still Waters - Sand-dune


‘Sand Dune – Aireys Inlet’

5 Reasons to buy an Original Oil Painting from NaturalArt by Moyra Le Blanc Smith

1. Quality – The painting will last for hundreds of years. (I am a professional artist who uses the finest quality art materials and sound painting techniques.)

New paint technology with flexible paint films means that cracking will be eliminated and todays paintings may last even longer than those of the old masters. By comparison watercolours and gouache paintings do not stand the test of time. It goes without saying that posters and photographs will fade and disintegrate over time.

2. Originality – Just think about it. There is no one else in the whole world that has a painting like yours. It is the creative vision of the artist rendered onto canvas that is yours alone to contemplate every time you look at the painting. Imagine how impressed visitors, friends and family will be on viewing your unique purchase.

3. Investment – The value of your painting will almost certainly appreciate over time. As the artist grows in skill and experience the artworks will rise in price. At that point, it will be even more pleasing to own an original artwork of Moyra Le Blanc Smith.

4. Enhancing your environment – The appearance of an original painting in your dwelling or workspace will enrich your environment. This makes you feel good when you view it. Whether it’s a memory of a special place you have been or would like to go, or a good feeling about the story behind the painting. Maybe it’s a flower that reminds you of a person or happy time. Or it just might be bright or soft colours that make you feel happy, calm or peaceful. Whatever the reason for the purchase, the good feeling is there whenever you view the painting.

5. Connection to the artist – When you purchase an artwork, you are purchasing a small piece of the artist’s soul. My art is planned and thought about and dreamed of long before the brush gets anywhere near the canvas. Sometimes little sketches or small practise paintings are done to work things out first. By the time the painting is completed, a huge amount of emotional energy, time and passion has gone into it’s production.

These are just a few thoughts to consider when thinking about an art purchase.