September 30 Plein Air Paintings in 30 Days No 10 and 11

Moyra Le Blanc Smith NaturalArt

September 30 Plein Air Paintings in 30 Days No 10 and 11

The tenth and eleventh paintings of 30 for the month of September. Both paintings were done today, a beautiful Spring day in Victoria.

Day 10 Rail Trail in Spring PA red size

‘Day 10 Rail Trail Gum Trees in Spring’ It’s interesting to contrast how my favourite Rail Trail gums look in Spring to the corresponding paintings done in Autumn. There’s a lot of lush green grass following the winter rains. (Dry yellow grass in Autumn) I was feeling a little ambitious today, (probably due to the nice weather), and painted a size quite a bit larger than my usual plein air paintings, I wasn’t sure if I’d manage it but I was quite happy with the end result.

Day 11 Gum Flowers PA red size


‘ Day 11 Gum Flowers in the Garden’ A bit of experimenting with this lively little painting. Some loose brush strokes and vibrant colours, they remind me of dancers’ skirts. I have been looking at these flowers for a while now and today was so mild and sunny, it was perfect for capturing their shapes and colours contrasted with the longer, green leaf shapes.

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