September 30 Plein Air Paintings in 30 Days No.30

Moyra Le Blanc Smith NaturalArt

September 30 Plein Air Paintings in 30 Days No.30

The thirtieth of 30 paintings for September. I made it! and what a wonderful month it has been with all kinds of weather, all kinds of subjects and a huge learning curve. I have 30 small paintings to show for my efforts, many will be useful as reference material for bigger paintings. Most will be treasured memories of my happy times and places – outdoor painting. I will long remember the lovely people I met who came up to me whilst I was painting and had a conversation with me. I can’t wait to do it all again. But for now – here’s no.30.

Day 30 Birds Nest Fern Abstract PA red size

‘Day 30 Birds Nest Fern Abstract’ Something a little different for the lucky last. I loved the abstract shapes of the unfurling new fronds in the centre of this Birds Nest Fern in my garden. It was, however, a very overly green subject. Always looking for ways to push myself, I challenged myself to paint it with as little green as I was able to manage and this is the result.

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